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Работайте в тесном контакте с крупными брендами и создавайте мощные веб-сайты простым и полезным способом! И сделать это без предыдущего опыта?! Мы говорим ДА!

Scandiweb работал с различными всемирно известными брендами, такими как Ford, Hyundai, BMW, Jaguar, Happy Socks, Lancome, L’Oreal, Puma, MET и другими, создавая замечательные решения для их потребностей в электронной коммерции.

Наша глобальная команда из более чем 30 разных стран имеет разный уровень знаний в области цифрового маркетинга, дизайна UX, веб-разработки, развития бизнеса и многого другого, и, наконец, управления проектами.

Мы агентство электронной коммерции №1 в мире, и нам нужно многое, чтобы раздвинуть границы и быть впереди! Присоединяйтесь к нам и станьте частью амбициозного путешествия!

Как проходит день младшего разработчика?

Your first day and even a few weeks will be dedicated to onboarding, learning the tools we use, processes we follow, company history, and culture. You will set up your workspace and workstation and equip it with the necessary apps.

Once that is done, you will have your Education tasks, where you start to use learned tools. Usually, tasks are a small part of a real project that you will perform under the guidance and supervision of a mentor. We do expect commitment to quality! Also, for every new colleague to dedicate themselves to learn how to create quality work. Scandiweb welcomes aspiring developers with little experience, ambition to grow, and will to excel.

Afterward, you will have more and more independence in figuring out your way of coding and achieving solutions, getting more complex tasks, helping others, and making steady steps to become a full-stack Software Engineer!

What do we expect from a Junior Developer Trainee?

The title says it all – we expect you to be a real Junior who is eager to absorb information and advice from mentors and senior colleagues as a sponge, break things, try again, break and try again until you build a stable framework of knowledge around the things you are doing.

But to join successfully, one is expected to have basic knowledge and skill of PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and MySQL. Either you’ve learned that in the University, during late nights on YouTube watching tutorials, or just learned your way around the code. From time to time, quality assurance testing will also be part of your work in the projects you are trusted to maintain. We don’t expect WORK experience, but starting knowledge is required.

The second part, being a Trainee – do not expect to start work in the first days or weeks. You will train, learn, and get feedback and support. Training will stay with you permanently while you are at Scandiweb – we have a continuous training program, so there are small bits of education every week and month. We help everybody to build a rich and robust software engineering competency framework!

With time, each developer requires to become full-stack. Most of our projects are based on Magento, but there can be exceptions of Shopify, Laravel, or others, but for that, we do have supporting mentors. Just be ready to grow a 360 skill-set of eCommerce development!

Do take it into account – if you are joining Scandiweb remotely, you will need to have your own hardware setup. After the probation period, a hardware upgrade can be agreed upon.

How to apply?

We have semi-automated recruitment processes, BUT – each CV is evaluated personally by our recruitment team! No need to hesitate if you don’t have a grand CV to show – apply, take a chance, and join us!

  • Apply to this Job Ad!!
  • Fill out the necessary details, and we will get back to you very soon with the following steps!
  • Wonder what those are? Usually test assignments and a technical interview!
  • To pass the test successfully, you need to have a basic understanding of the web applications built on PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. In your Education course, you will learn React, GraphQL, and deploy to cloud environments built on Kubernetes, but your first step requires only the basics of the web!

What are the benefits?

  • Get the best Dev training in the #1 eCommerce Agency in the world – we give a big focus on our employee learning and growth
  • Работа над самыми сложными и крупными проектами по всему миру
  • Станьте частью многонациональной команды, которая доставляет товары покупателям в более чем 70 стран мира!
  • Наслаждайтесь нашим первым онлайн-офисом, где все подключены, независимо от их местонахождения.
  • Получите поддержку в организации домашнего офиса или зарегистрируйтесь в коворкинге
  • Медицинская страховка, Краудбонус от коллег
  • Библиотека, сертификаты, мероприятия и многое другое!

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