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KEYBOARD WIRELESS LOGITECH MX KEYS S PLUS Graphite Bolt, w/Bluetooth, w/Palm rest 920-011589

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MX Keys S
  • Rechargeable Li-Po (1500 mAh) battery

  • Full charge lasts up to 10 days with predefined settings or up to 5 months with backlighting off

  • Connect via Bluetooth low energy technology or the Logi Bolt USB Receiver

  • Easy-switch keys to connect up to three devices and switch between them at the push of a button

  • Hand proximity sensors that turn the backlighting on

  • Ambient light sensors that adjust backlighting brightness

  • USB-C rechargeable. Full charge lasts 10 days – or 5 months with backlighting off

  • On/Off power switch

  • Caps Lock and Battery indicator lights

  • Compatible with Logitech Flow enabled mouse

  • 10 meters wireless range

Optional Customization app
  • Logi Options+

  • Graphite plastics:
    26% post-consumer recycled material

  • Pale Gray plastics:
    11% post-consumer recycled material

  • Aluminium case:
    Low carbon aluminium

  • Paper Packaging:

Certified carbon neutral


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