Javascript/ Hybrid Mobile/ Web App Developer (Remote, Full Time, Long Term)

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Successful shared calendar app startup from the Netherlands

Во компанијата каде што работам веќе 8.5 години и сум презадовелен сите овие години, одлучив да заминам поради причини кои не се поврзани со компанијата и се чисто приватни, па ни треба некој да ме замени, во прилог е описот на самата позиција:

Hourly fee indication: 15 to 30 euro to start with (flexible hours)

We are a startup from the Netherlands with a very successful shared family calendar web application, which is also available in mobile apps using Cordova.

Technical skills we look for:

  • A lot of experience with:
    • Vanilla Javascript, ES6/7 and TypeScript
    • HTML5 and CSS3 (Flexbox)
    • REST API
  • Knowledge of Prototype and Module Design Pattern in JavaScript
  • Experience with Hybrid Mobile App development (like Cordova/ Phonegap)
  • Android Java or iOS Swift would be a plus


  • You are transparent and responsible
  • You have good knowledge of English and good communication skills

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