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Support & Solutions Center Mk

Support & Solutions Center Mk

Our people make the difference

Support and Solutions Center MK is a company who is working for large international clients, providing services in the domain of administration (related to logistics, technical administration), customer service, accountancy, IT, engineering,…

As a DBS Developer, you will be working for the global department of SSCMK. You will be part of a unique company with a strong no-nonsense culture.

Able to analyze and optimize Database structure/design for large corporate applications. Equally able to analyze application code (in close collaboration with development teams) and the resulting SQL queries, with the objective of optimizing these SQL queries and the application code that generates them. You are a true team player. Great achievements are always the result of a great collaboration. Traveling to Belgium may be required in the future. You do not need to be an expert in all the technologies, more important are a healthy dose of curiosity, desire to learn and team spirit;

The primary objective of the position is to assist and coach application teams to optimize SQL queries and the application code that generates said queries to improve data access and management of large corporate applications and thereby optimize their overall performance.

Be an agent of change, work closely with developers, provide guidance and optimize data management of our Navision/Business Central/.NET application landscape. Further training in the latest technologies is possible.

Skill areas:

Database development:

  • Able to analyze and create Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
  • Aware of DB constraints and able to apply these efficiently
  • Able to determine and use optimal datatypes for given situations
  • Familiar with Database procedures/functions, able to understand, test and create those.
  • Familiar with data set functions and their use cases.
  • Able to document Databases / version management

Database Performance:

  • Able to detect poorly performing queries and pinpoint root cause of performance issues
  • Rewrite T-SQL code for optimal performance
  • Transform Non-Scalable T-SQL code into scalable code
  •  Index baselining, monitoring, tuning, implement hypothetical indexing
  • Familiar with Database Cursors (various implementations)
  • Familiar with Isolation levels
  • Familiar with multi-user – highly concurrent systems.

Development general:

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language
  • Knowledge of basic programming functions (If then, else, when…) and concepts to enable translation Code/development <-> Efficient DB access
  •  In close collaboration with application development teams, able to establish relation between T-SQL queries and defined code sections in Navision / Business Central or .Net application.


  • A challenging job with a lot of variety and future in a fast-growing dynamic company.
  • A competitive salary according to knowledge and experience.

If you see yourself as a person who could be a valuable part of our team, don’t hesitate to apply [email protected]  (Application: Email CV with subject “DBS Developer”). Please send us your CV in English.