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Company Description

Open GI is a leading software development company and a trusted partner to the general insurance industry. Based across the UK and Europe, our support and development services make us a truly diverse organisation that offers a range of IT solutions to insurance brokers, insurers and managing general agents.


You are the business champion – you own the details of the business value delivered at product level that, when viewed in totality, support the product, user and business priorities and help achieve the desired business and user outcomes. You are the team linguist, able to talk to, and travel between design, tech and business to ensure the product delivers on user, business and technical needs.  You overlap and collaborate with all the team roles.

Your key responsibilities

  • Business Vision to Execution elicits, understands, and communicates business vision as well as breaking the vision into executable goals, that can be met in an incremental and iterative manner.
  • Work closely with stakeholders on delivery teams (Devs, QAs, IM/PMs) in designing, implementation, and testing of the solutions.
  • Requirements Analysis & Articulation uses relevant artifacts, approaches and processes to understand and communicate to what is required and why it is required.
  • Business Value Articulation: identifies, captures, and understands the work and activities being done, relative to and in the context of the business value created.
  • Scope Management: Embrace flexibility in requirements change to maximise the stakeholder value whilst balancing management of delivery and expectations of required objectives within a defined timeframe.
  • Understanding which scope management techniques to employ based on the impact of the change.
  • Facilitation: steer team and stakeholders to work well, both in defining a common vision, making decisions, achieving their goals and creating a relational climate where trust prevails and communication is fluid, empathic and honest.
  • Collaboration: works jointly with others to co-create and achieve a common goal. This includes learning, practising and experimenting with tools, techniques and frameworks that foster collaborative working environments.
  • Domain Modelling: understand, describe and model real-world entities and the relationships between them so as to provide an effective basis for designing systems for maintainability, testability, and incremental development.
  • Risk Management: maps and comprehends the risks involved in several dimensions of the work, aiming to prevent them by reducing and mitigating them when possible.  (Collaborates with IM/PM)
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback solicits and engages with feedback on a continuous basis.
  • Having timely, actionable, and meaningful conversations about performance for the purpose of shaping behaviours and fostering learning, with the goal of strengthening confidence and improving the effectiveness of self and others.
  • Emotional Intelligence: recognizes, understands and manages their own emotions and recognizes, understands, shares and influences the emotions of others.
  • Business & Technology Alignment: assess and challenge the current alignment of business and technology teams so as to ensure business goals, strategies and roadmaps, communications with customers, acquisition of potential customers, and delivery of services to the end user is jointly-owned.
  • Comparative Analysis: provides data-driven analysis between competing options and to communicate the pros and cons as well as short term and long-term implications of choices, based on analysis of trade-offs so as to make best possible use of resources while meeting the business objectives. (Collaborates with Product Owner/Manager)


What you’ll need to succeed


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Informatics or relative experience in the industry
  • Business Analyst Certification IIBA or relevant will be advantageous
  • Excellent English both written and spoken


  • 5+ years of experience working as a Business Analyst
  • Experience working with agile delivery methods
  • Experience working with a cross-functional software development team


  • Seek to ensure the solution solves the business problem — Build the Right Thing.
  • Seek to ensure the solution fulfils its objectives, at the feature and system level — Build the Thing Right.
  • Collaborate with the delivery teams and the Product Owner in design of the solution.
  • An understanding of the business/product vision, roadmap, and developing a path to execute on that vision.
  • A customer-oriented understanding of the value and purpose of a solution.
  • Solution is analysed in a timely, iterative manner, and is clearly communicated with the team and stakeholders.
  • Support Project Manager and Product Owner on managing stakeholder expectations regarding scope of the solution.


  • Drives to outcomes: focuses on results and desired outcomes and how best to achieve them. Able to execute plans through to action. Persistent to complete tasks and a strong commitment to take action that moves things along to ensure delivery of objectives.
  • Ownership and accountability: takes personal accountability and ownership for their work. This includes personal follow through, making and defending difficult decisions and trade-offs, removing blockers, driving collective progress.
  • Continuous improvement: advances by ongoing, incremental improvement through continuous learning, questioning the status quo and trying out creative and novel ideas. Shows curiosity and has a keen interest to drive learning for themselves and others.

Other information

Mission and Values

Our mission is to be both the Technology Partner and Employer of choice for the UK General Insurance Market. Our values are central to this vision, as they represent how we collaborate how we work together in synergy and continually deliver for our customers:

  • Accountability: We take personal pride in finding solutions and achieving results
  • Innovation: We lead the market by being proactive, product-led and forward thinking
  • Teamwork: We work collaboratively, recognising and celebrating success
  • Trust: We build trust on integrity, transparency and respect

We are looking for an individual who embraces our values in their actions, decisions, communications and processes to inspire positivity and, ultimately, exceptional performance.

Benefits package

  • Competitive salary depending on skills and experience
  • Positive, friendly and fun working environment
  • Support for personal and professional development
  • Daily lunches and additional benefits
  • Private health insurance package
  • Referral bonuses
  • Social events
  • Flexible working hours

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